bg真人游戏注册 named 7th Best Community College in Arkansas
Posted Date: 9/19/23, a leading online resource for students, and leading authority in higher education research and college planning, is pleased to announce the updated list for Best Community Colleges in Arkansas of 2023. Among numerous higher education institutions across the nation, North Arkansas College in Harrison, Arkansas, has emerged as a standout due to its associate degrees, technical certificates, business and industry training, and education courses.

“We’re pleased this ranking affirms our focus on academics, skills and workforce training,” said President Rick Massengale. “In addition to academic rigor within our programs, our faculty and staff go above and beyond to deliver a holistic approach to learning. We ensure students have access to the latest technologies to learn from home, including providing laptops and internet hot spots. When combined with a bustling campus full of student events and organizations, the overall goal is to create a life-changing learning experience that prepares them for their future career.”

According to BestCollege’s website, rankings are based on statistical data and consistent principles such as academic quality, affordability, and online competency. Since 2014, their aim with college rankings is to provide an objective assessment of relative quality, considering academic outcomes, affordability, and the breadth and depth of online learning opportunities.

The rankings evaluate academic quality by examining the number of students graduating in specific majors, indicating a school's commitment to those programs. The affordability score considers program cost, student loan rates, and post-graduation loan repayment ability. They further assess the quality of online offerings based on program availability, student enrollment, and the school's investment in remote

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